Mission statement

Neuchatel Innohub builds partnerships and establishes sales channels between cutting-edge companies based in the US and Switzerland. By matching complementary technologies in the micro- and high-tech sectors, we create synergies that enable businesses to successfully launch innovative products and services in today’s global marketplace.

The main goals pursued by the Neuchâtel Innohub Association

Developing cooperative activities and improving the economic, scientific and cultural promotion of members of the Neuchâtel Innohub Association in both the United States and Switzerland;

Facilitating and accelerating the development of both contacts and innovative projects amongst members of the association in the United States;

Providing assistance to and supporting the presence of members of the Neuchâtel Innohub Association in the United States;

Welcoming both startups as well as talented and creative individuals of the United States to the Association;

Promoting the collaboration between members of the Association in Switzerland and members in foreign countries.


Current members of the association Neuchâtel Innohub


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